Why MultiUpload.biz safe for all !
1. We dont store your personal information. Ever.
2. We dont follow you around with ads because MultiUpload.biz ZERO ADS.
3. We dont track you in normal or private browsing mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How many files can I upload at a time?
    • Anonymous may upload up to 5 files at the same time.
    • Registered may upload up to 10 files at the same time.
    • Premium may upload up to 25 files at the same time.

  2. Q. Can I upload to my own account on different hosting sites?
    • Yes you can.

  3. Q. Why some download links show Cannot upload?
    • While uploading, some file host may be down temporarily. We do retry and if its not successful for full one day attempts the file status is changed to Cannot upload. If you try after few minutes it should probably work. Alternately you can check that particular file host website to see if there is any problem.

  4. Q. What is the maximum upload size?
    • We dont have upload size limit or you can say depends on file hosting sites.

  5. Q. Do you spam or sell my email address?
    • No.

  6. Q. Do you delete my account?
    • Yes, we delete PENDING users created more than 7 days ago.

  7. Q. Can I use premium account for MediaFire, Uploaded ,,,, etc?
    • Yes, Ability to upload/download using premium accounts with them.

  8. Q. Can I close browser window or I need to wait for file link's in sharing sites?
    • Right after file(s) uploaded on server, there's no need to wait till they will be transloaded on file sharing sites - you can close browser window as everything will be performed in the background.

  9. Q. Can I upload files by FTP/HTTP?
    • You can specify several HTTP or FTP links and have them uploaded without downloading files on your computer. Basic HTTP auth. is supported as well..

  10. Q. DMCA complaints, copyrighted content?
    • Uploaded files are instantly deleted right after they are uploaded on file sharing sites.

  11. Q. I have more questions.

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